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Apostle Shantel J. Calloway, a loving and dedicated wife and mother. She is the senior leader of Repairer of the Breach Global and founder of Altar Call Prayer Line Ministry.


With prayer as her spiritual foundation, Apostle Shonnie has forged a path as an apostolic-prophetic watchman and spiritual midwife who carries the spirit of Daniel, Ezekiel and Nehemiah, whom God has raised up as a general with a mandate to train, equip and lead His end-time army.


God’s governmental authority is evident in the life of this apostolic-prophetic pioneer, as she powerfully executes fervent and effectual prophetic intercession and engages in strategic spiritual warfare; pulling down strongholds and repairing breaches in her assigned regions to break open territories for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God!

Apostle Shantel J. Calloway

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Welcome to Repairer of the Breach Global - a church dedicated to restoration and healing. We believe that everyone is somebody, no matter your background or beliefs. Come join us for our worship services and experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. You can join us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Prophetic Prayer Service at 6:00AM EST. (848) 220-3100 Access Code 39681

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