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 Senior Apostle

Founder/CEO -

Repairer of the Breach Global

Atlanta, GA - Headquarters

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Exousia Power Life Coaching 

Prophetess Tiffany N. Jones

Richmond VA HUB

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Keepers of Hope International Ministries

Evangelist Rena Person,

Richmond, VA - HUB

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Prophetess Jasmine Hickson 

Prophetic Psalmist 

Ministry HUB Coordinator

Market Place Minister of 

Luscious Lyps LLC 

Prophetess Valerie Banks

Ministry Executive Administrator

HUB Coordinator for the Repairer of the Breach International Ministries, Inc.

Atlanta, GA - HUB

Also Market Place Ministry 

VW Nortary Public Services

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The Guest House 

Prophet Jeff and Prophetess Amina Marshall Pillar of Fire International Ministries, Inc. 

Dallas, TX - HUB

St. John MBC of Howard

Pastor Alphonso & Prophetess Ashley Bryant

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Avenue Music Entertainment

Prophet Antoine and Prophetess Khristina Hammond 

Musician and Prophetic Psalmist

Music & TV

producers and engineers  

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